Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wooo Hooo!!! Set Complete :)

Tim from The Great Sports Name Hall of Fame sent me the final two needed for my 2009 Topps Chrome Set. This is the first set I have collected and completed since 1989. THANK YOU! Very, very much:

Mr Mantle and Mr Hudson
Great Cards
Happy happy, joy joy, happy happy, joy joy!!!

He also included a little extra, and i really appreciate it:

Two Pre-MLB BJ Upton Cards and a shiny rookie card
Super Sweet
the back of the 03 card compares BJ to Jeter, mmmmm..., NOT!
but does say hitting is his weakest skill, they got that RIGHT,
still he is only 25 and turns 26 this August
so here is hoping he gets his head on straight and figures out this thing called hitting
Go Upton! Go Rays!!



SpastikMooss said...

You're very welcome dude, glad I could help you finish it!

Also, weirdness, you hadn't completed a set since 1989, my first completed set was 1989 Topps. Crazy haha.

Cam said...

Congrats, dude! Isn't the feeling great to complete a set? I completed my first one in April, it was fantastic!