Monday, June 7, 2010

Oh, Well

The 2010 Topps Series Two Platinum 1/1 Longoria has come and gone. Not that i expected to be able to afford it but i was still pretty amazed when i woke up this morning and saw it went for $127.50. Last night, it was at $60 with an hour left, that was the last i saw it, so that was quite the jump in an hour. That would be one card for 6 weeks on my budget. Its a great looking card but I actually feel the black border is a better looking card, and at one-tenth the price, well within my budget :) But as we all know some cards just look better in hand, so i guess i should assume this is one of those cards, because honestly i have never seen a platinum in person before.

Looking at other platinum auctions on the bay - Zumaya and J. Zimmerman were the low side at around $40 and Longoria was the highend at $127, most were around the $80-90 range. Good Luck to all, hope you score one :)

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