Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bowman Cardboarding

Welcome to This Week in Cardboarding, this week will be my annual Bowman Blaster. That's right i usually buy one, and only one Bowman Blaster a year, have since 07. Nice little streak i got going :) I decided to go with photos this week since there are chrome cards and ten cards per pack, so i didn't need to scan each pack twice or not show all cards. Enough details, on to the break:

Pack 1

A Rays Prospect, SCORE!
my second Leake card, in consecutive blaster purchases
a streak is starting
Bo Bowman in Bowman, funny
an Orange prospect, nice
off to a very nice start

Pack 2

Starlin Castro
throwback Soriano, like these
way to many for me to chase
Pablo expectations

Pack 3

v mart as a sox, great photo
Reyes throwback and Howard expectations

Pack 4

another Ray, Shields, score
nice photo of wright
USA card,
Gamel insert, no idea what is going on with him
is he hurt? down in the minors? to lazy to look up

Pack 5

wow a third Ray with Pena
z-man throwback
sox prospect

Pack 6

Ray Gold, Garza, that's four so far
this is unusual for me
Tate Chrome, some hype for him, i think
Micheal Taylor heard of him too
Mauer with Posey on the back
unique photo of Braun
nice pack

Pack 7

Yen-Wen Kuo chrome and Purple Chrome
just makes me think some where out there
someone may get this with Strasberg

Pack 8

Final pack, and 5th Ray, ZO! Sweeeet!
2nd USA card

Very fun break, I really enjoyed the inserts and this year i actually heard of a few of the prospects, amazing. Five Rays cards is by far my best from a blaster, and Leake, Castro and Tate gave me some nice young-ins. I am glad i bought this when i first saw it and decided to saved it, because Strasberg mania hit and a week later all Bowman was long gone from Target and Walmart. Thanks for reading my TWIC.

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TJ said...

Night Owl got the purple Strasburg. I might need to find one, too.