Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Please Sir, may I have...

When these were first announced, i posted the news of the you sketch it cards, and was hoping to call dibs on a few. So I thought i would try asking again, if you have any of these and don't want them, pretty please with cherries on top, can we make a trade.

Here is what i was thinking of starting, inspired by, My NY Mets Journal Blog, i would like do the Rays Proud and create a sketch card a day, chronicling the rest of the season. This hopefully will help me keep my artistic side sharp and get me a little more motivated again. I figure since this is my Cardboarding blog that i should make them small. I am still not sure what style or medium i want to use but here are some practice sketches to help me get a feel for some of the Rays players and get an idea of where i am going, with doing this.

If you happen to have more than one blank sketch card and would like me to do a sketch card of a specific player in return, i would gladly hook you up, i just would like some blank sketch cards, or i could send you some cards that you collect, which ever you prefer. Look forward to any offers, thanks.


Drew said...

Very nice! I like Niemann's the best! Keep it up, and maybe enter some for that contest!

NMCLax24 said...

Pretty darn good! I was actually thinking of doing some artwork of players and sending them away for TTMs. I haven't done too much drawing in a long time, I miss it