Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bay Cardboarding

Yep, Bay, as in ebay, I can't help myself. First stop, Bleacher Seats, love that cheap shipping for all you want, and they package so well. The first thing I picked up was some more team sets.

2010 Topps Series two (11 cards)

the Upton & Garza photos are different from Opening Day, nice

and a 2010 Bowman (10 cards)

and the reason i pick up the team sets is because they are cheaper than a pack from the store and its free shipping because the blue and gold parallels are the real reason for the order

Check out the back of the Throwback card

What a great photo
if I ever get a "you sketch it" card
i think i found my photo

Well under budget, i found two other cards i needed

a die cut and pretty blue insert
its funny how it says pennant run and talks about the playoffs
but there is a huge empty section in the stands
which leads me to believe the photo is definitely not from the play-offs

Thanks for checking TWIC

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