Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mail Day :)

I Got Mail from Nr Mt over the weekend. Nico littered my email with comments on a wide array of posts back in mid-October. Stating he was new to Bloggerland and asking for a trade. I sent an email back with some helpful thoughts and asked to receive something first before completing the trade. Here is what he sent:

An Upton (shiny :) and Ichiro for my player collections
a Pena Xfactor - Very Nice
5 cards to help with my 09 Chrome Set

Next Up 15 Rays Cards, Here are the favs:

Ruggiano Game Used Jersey
and 11 Red Sox cards

Thanks a lot Nico, I really appreciate the cards. I'll being sending your package out in a day or so. Feel free to welcome Nico and check out his blog Nr Mt.

1 comment:

NicoLax24 said...

Hey, somehow I missed seeing this when you first posted. Glad you like the cards. Enjoy