Friday, November 13, 2009

This Week in Cardboarding

Welcome to This Week in Cardboarding. This week I went with another discounted Stadium blaster and a few packs of chrome. I may just go for the set with the Stadium. There are so many great cards and I think I am closer than my other two sets already. I bought two more discounted blasters so I am still waiting to put up my need list since they will be unopened for a little while. Here is what I got:

First up the shiny
Pack 1

Greinke Xfactor
nice collection of guys

Pack 2

Braun Xfactor
Pack 3

Soto refractor

Next up the Stadium blaster
Pack 1

Clemente, a double but its such a great card, who cares
a Ray with Pena

Pack 2

AWESOME!!!! :)
Longoria, the whole reason I buy these - me happy
then a second Crawford
and not to be out done a proof of Cole Hamels 29/50
then a Votto, another double but such a great photo
Sweeeeeet! pack

Pack 3

All doubles (except Beckett) but I love that Sheffield photo

Pack 4

Mr Pujols, very unique photo
the rest - doubles

Pack 5

all doubles

Pack 6

sean rodriguez now a Ray
Carlos only double

Pack 7

Braun and Manny sporting some really fun photography
Jed's alternate photo
no doubles :)

Pack 8

Very good pack of players
all really really nice photos
no doubles :)

No chrome help, so once again just let me know if you want any or all of them since they are all doubles. The Stadium blaster made me a happy camper. My first Stadium Longoria and I hope not the last. I really enjoy these cards and the photography. Thanks again for checking out This Week in Cardboarding.


SpastikMooss said...

The Greinke and Ellsbury are awesome! I also like Votto, Chipper, Hanley, Sheff, Manny, Maddux, Prince, Cueto, and Papi.

I'd be willing to trade Red Sox for them if you need any of the ones I have. You can find my haves list here:

Let me know if you're interested!

Don WickedOrtega said...

Greinke Xfactor
i would love it..... let me know chris....

NicoLax24 said...

I should take a page out of our book and stick to the discounted blasters, the 08 Stadium Club is a bargain! They are definitely great photos. I love that Clemente!

Hackenbush said...

I like the Maddux. You don't usually seem him smiling that broadly. The Cole Hamels is different, a pitcher running the bases.

chris OK said...

WOW! stay away from the computer for an entire day and they will comment, thanks to everyone who reads my blog. Sorry I haven't been active since my post.

Spastik - The chrome Ellsbury is yours since I offered the chrome up for free. As for the stadium you wanted - Manny and Prince aren't available since I need them for my set, the Maddux I will be sending to Hackenbush since that is all he is asking for and I only have one extra, but I do have two more blasters so I may get another. If you want to trade for the other cards, I am looking for cards for my player collections (mainly Longoria and Upton), not just more random Red Sox cards. Let me know if you have anything like that, even if it's only one or two cards - the six Stadium cards Votto, Cueto, Hanley, Chipper, Sheffield and Ortiz are yours.

Wicked - your always good to me the Greinke is yours and will be included in your next package

Nico - I'll send the Clemente with a return package, I got yours today - Thank you.

Hackenbush - Just email me your address and I'll mail the Maddux to you.