Friday, July 2, 2010

Present Cardboarding

Welcome to This Week in Cardboarding. Here is part two of my pre-Father's Day Father's Day presents. I guess, me mentioning Strasburg and Bowman quite a few times made it easy for my wife to go with a Bowman blaster, never mind my one blaster a year rule, i have to be nice and open it up, such a shame :) On to the break:

Pack 1

the Rizzo is a Refractor

Pack 2

anothe Sox prospect
Love the Throwbacks, Utley looks a little lost in the photo
but I am sure he is just calling it

Pack 3

Buster Posey Gold
Jamie Topps 100, having a nice season so, can he keep it up?

Pack 4

A Rays sighting
Starling Chrome
Pujols Throwback, pounce albert pounce
and a USA

Pack 5

Starling base
Iglesias Topps 100

Pack 6

another Rays with Upton
the Votto photo is really nice
and Beckham Throwback, he really needs to adjust
Hanley with Stanton on the back is also nice

Pack 7

a Sox in purple
its probably not good that topps talk about the scout and his hometown
more than him though

Pack 8

another USA card, is it bad that i have no idea who they are?

Nothing spectacular but still a fun break, got a Beckham i wanted and my first Posey card with the little RC on it, the 2020 is from the future and he is a grizzly veteran then and the Turkey was also missing the logo. A few Rays doubles and a bunch of Sox in this blaster. As always, let me know if you need or want something. Thanks for checking TWIC.

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