Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sticky Cardboarding

Welcome to TWIC, and I mean Sticky has in you bought something on eBay and received it but the top loader is covered with scotch tape, making for a messy top loader, I have tried cleaning them with alcohol, but most time they are just ruined and off to the plastic recycling bin they go. Why am I getting charge so much in shipping when the sellers are ruining part of what i am paying for? So I have devised a feedback method which i hope catches on, somewhere, anywhere, please leave the following:

TLwTape - Top Loader with Tape, which of course leaves sticky residue and nastiness
TLwSlv - Top Loader with Fold over Sleeve, which of course is sticky free

Hope to see sellers being called out and get them to change the way they are shipping, it would be nice to be sticky free :)

hehe - thats some of next weeks cards :)

Now on to this weeks acquisitions

Finally found some Target and Walmart parallels of Mr. Longoria and and an SP i needed, along with the hobby give away card

All of these had been sticky-fied from two different sellers :(

The Target is definitely my favorite of the base Longoria because it is true cardboard, now to just find the Celeb"Rays"tion Target version.

and my last week's missing quarter will just be moved to this week, since the above just broke ten bucks
I first saw this card on Fielder's Choice Blog when I perusing some of his later posts, a fun thing to do when i have the time, if your a Rays fan. I have been watching ebay for a while now in hopes that this would pop up and it did about a month ago in a multi-card Longo lot, but it went for six or seven plus and i had to let it go because the cards i needed didn't justify me spending that kind of coin. Then i found a buy-it-now at six and offered half because the scan showed something that looked like a scratch and the seller agreed, not to mention informing me the card was just spiffy and that it was the scan and not the card. Well after much waiting i am happy to have this very cool looking Target Exclusive 400 series from the 2008 Topps Update. A very nice addition to my Longoria collection.

As always , thanks for checking This Week in Cardboarding and I hope you have an awesome week!!

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