Saturday, July 10, 2010

This Week in Cardboarding

Welcome to This Week in Cardboarding, I found some clearance packs at Target. Three 08 Materpieces packs and an 08 Heritage Hi pack. Nothing spectacular but it is the first Masterpieces I have ever ripped. I really like the cards but only four cards is a big negative in my book, that may be why I never bought any til now, but never mind that, on to the break:

Pack 1

no set help :(

Pack 2

Gwynn sporting the vintage Padres uni, nice
J-Roll looking like a stud, with good reason
07 he posted 30 HRs and 41 Steals, with 139 Runs
Pack 3

Longoria, Sweet, even though I have like three of these already
its was still fun and exciting pulling one
Wright, sporting a nice little home run trot
and Vtek looking all captainish
Pack 4

Felix showing the pain of pitching
Hideki watching a homer
and poor Asdrubal having to share his card

By far the Gwynn is my favorite of the bunch, but only because the Longoria is a dup.

I still have been watching the bay, hoping for some cards to slip by on the cheap, I got a five card lot for a 1.25 which added two new Longoria cards (the Expotential and Icons) and I scored an 09 Chrome Xfractor for 99 cents. Very happy, with my pick ups

Thanks for checking out TWIC and don't forget to check out my Sketch Cards at chroko cards. Take care and have an awesome week, and best of luck in your cardboarding endeavors.

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