Thursday, July 22, 2010

Serial Number Cardboarding

I was all set..

but, I just couldn't find anything to buy

so off to eBay

This week i went with some numbered cards, shipping really makes things add up quickly

two blue and a black parallel
PoH /299 - blue marble, Rocks!
Finest /399 - blue and shiny - ooooh!
Black Tribute /99 - wish it was blue
the black actually was the cheapest
at a penny short of three dollars shipped :)
kind of funny, since its the rarest
the other two and the below cards were
a penny short of four dollars shipped

Well maybe not all serial number cards, but i did score an assorted 25 card lot of CC,BJ and Longo - i got eight new cards to add to my CC collection, and two new cards to my Upton collection, the other 15 were doubles, but some pretty nice cards.

This only spent about 3/4 of my budget, i am still waiting for the last quarter of the budget to arrive.

Thanks for checking out TWIC.

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