Monday, December 20, 2010

Carl Crawford

YEP!! I am still hung up on him leaving the Rays. So here is another attempt at me to try and expel the demons, so to speak, so i can move on :)

So for some reason i wanted to check out CC 99 Autos and see if they were jumping to insane heights with the Boston faithful now salivating over their latest addition.....

...not to bad, all under a hundred dollars, but wait what is this CC actually knows how to sign his name, OMG!!!!

I am in shock, this pretty autograph went for 82 bucks,
well out of my price range, but i actually wanted it

Now the above card sold about a week ago and this is the litter now on ebay (give or take an auction or two)

How does one person sign their name so vastly different?????
lazy? absolutely no pride? or someone else did the signing?
you pick

*also why would anyone pay money for those crappy autos????


Ronn Graham said...

Crawford is a Ray it will be tough seeing him in any other uniform. I wished we saw more Gwynn and ripkins in baseball. I would like to see at least one a team you can buy a jersey and wear it without the palyer having been traded in the off season!

chris OK said...

Definitely agree with you Ronn