Saturday, December 18, 2010

RK Cardboarding

I have been putting off buying from RK Collectibles for a while now. He just seems to always be a tad higher than Bleacher Seats, and since i wasn't sure how he packages and Bleacher does such a bang up job, i prefer to go with what is proven. Well i really wanted the Longoria All-Rookie Team card from o-pee-chee and they have been the only ones selling it for months now. So i finally broke down and placed an order, also the bowman chrome team set was cheaper than Bleacher :) and i picked up a few extras:

two Longo additions i needed and
2010 Bowman Chrome Rays Team Set

so glad they went with different photos
now if Topps would do that with all there product :)
BJ is so close to the same photo (feel free to compare here)
but the rest are much improved over the Bowman base

2003 Topps Rays Team Set

going with a set from the past that i really enjoy
and genuinely sad i wasn't collecting when this came out
Crawford and Hamilton definitely the highlight
followed by the BJ, Gomes and Huff

2006 Topps 52 Rookie Edition Rays Team Set

picking up some fun cards, the classic 52 design, nice
for some the scan of the Zobrist looks better
than the actual card, go figure

Some sweet additions, still on super hubby detail, so cooking, laundry, cleaning and trying to get baby Emmy in a sleep routine is life. Its great having cardboard as my one minor escape. Have an awesome cardboarding week and thanks for checking out TWIC.

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