Friday, December 10, 2010

Emmy not happy with RAYS :(

Questions Emmy would ask if she could:

Why did the Rays let their closest bet at a HALL OF FAME player sign with their DIVISION RIVAL??
I don't know sweetie, it baffles me too.

The Rays complain about not having enough fans but then why did they let go their player with the longest playing time and most of the club records, and and most recognizable face???
I don't know sweetie, I guess they don't understand fans.

How many fans did the Rays just lose????
I don't know sweetie, probably a lot.

Did the Rays even make an offer???????
I don't know sweetie, I would hope so.

How do the Rays expect to build a fan base?????????
I don't know sweetie, it baffles me too.


Anonymous said...

We've reached the point where teams cannot possibly compete on an even playing field for free agents.

Would it have been smart to commit 20-25% of your team's payroll to one player for the next 6 or 7 years? That's why Crawford didn't get an offer from Tampa Bay and that's why more teams weren't bidding for his services.

Carl Crawford Cards said...

It is, of course, a bummer.

Anonymous said...

Put a Marlins shirt on her and call it a day... The Marlins are starting to build. So we need all the fan we could get!!

chris OK said...

paul - i do believe it would have been worth it, Crawford probably sells enough in merchandise to give the Rays a boost economically. Then you have the fact that you are committed to a player, which builds fans, which brings in more money and it shows the other players the team will take care of them, which inspires them to perform better which leads to winning, which brings more fans in, which brings more money in ticket sales as well as more merchandise being sold. Then there is the fact that he has good odds of making the HOF, which will bring in a lot more fans and money if he was solely on one club. All in all, the Rays shot themselves in the foot, and limited their revenue by letting him go. If they made an offer of 100-110 million at least they would have saved face in the eyes of their fans, but nothing has been reported so i think they just let him go. Which is bad business and who knows maybe Crawford would have taken less to stay, you don't know because the team didn't offer.

CCC - yes, yes it is

wicked - To funny, won't happen, unless some how i move back to South Fl and start going to games and aren't the Marlins always starting to build?