Thursday, December 23, 2010

Surfing Cardboard

Here are two cards I stumbled into, while surfing eBay

Both are SHINY :)

I was amazed i scored the Longoria for a 2.81 with 2 for shipping. I have been trying to get a base Sterling below five and have been coming up on the short end of the bidding emails. So when I won this, i was dumbfounded. I still like the base better, ya know the blue, but i guess beggars can't be choosers. Still really unsure what the big deal of sterling is, its just thick cardboard, yet people go crazy and throw away lots of good money for it... i guess its a gambler thing.

The Crawford was .95 and i really only put the bid in because there was also a Longoria eTopps card that the seller was also selling, hoping to combine shipping. Only i got outbid on Evan, so of course i won the card i wasn't go for. Go figure. So sad to see Crawford leave Tampa but everyone knew it was coming, i am still perturbed that Tampa didn't even make an offer. At least he went way of the Red Sox, so i can still enjoy collecting his cards.

Have an awesome cardboarding week and thanks for checking out TWIC :)

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