Thursday, December 30, 2010

Santa Cardboarding

Its funny to be so occupied, with baby on the brain, that you don't recognize the shape of a blaster. Well, while the shape of DVDs was obvious enough, this one brick looking one, sparked my interest because i couldn't place the shape of it. So i ripped that present first, and felt a bit silly not recognizing it, but happy to have some cardboard on this special day. So here is my cardboard from Christmas, one blaster of chrome:

Pack 1

Mr MVP Votto
Soriano Refractor

Pack 2

Xfractors are always nice but not some i really collect
four out eight are doubles, amazing

Pack 3

McCutchen nice
two sox not bad

Pack 4

Hanley all X style
still at 50% with getting doubles

Pack 5

Lee shiny
soto double
Pack 6

Vmart bending the other way, weird
two more doubles
Pack 7

Helton Shiny :)
two more doubles
Pack 8

Yankee X style
two more doubles
Topps pretty much batted .500 for doubles
so two previous blasters = 16 doubles in my third
so half the blaster was completely wasted
that's wonderful collation topps (insert massive sarcasm)

Well i feel this was a better blaster than my last two but still the cards just make me sick with the centering issues and the warp problems, uuuggggg and the amount of doubles is so infuriating that it almost ruined a fun activity. I did say almost :)

As always, have an awesome cardboarding week and thanks for checking out TWIC.


yankeesjetsfan said...

Cool break. I like that Yankee Xfractor,congrats.

I do hope Topps finds a way to correct the curling issue that this years Chrome has.

chris OK said...

thanks, if you want it, email me your address and its yours

cubsfan731 said...

Are you going to try to collect this set? IF so, I have some cards you may need. If not, I'd like to have that Colvin card.

chris OK said...

nope, not going after the set, but email me your address and i'll send the Colvin to you

cubsfan731 said...

I've got a Kirby Puckett card, and maybe a Longoria, that I could give you in exchange.

chris OK said...

If you want to send something back great but not necessary. I just need an address and i'll get it in the mail when i can. Also if you want any other cubs, let me know, all i remember is a purple zambrano.

yankeesjetsfan said...

Thanks. I'll get an email out to you this weekend. Happy New year.