Friday, January 22, 2010


I never thought it would happen

especially when it was a first trade

but let this be a warning

no one is safe

The Priceless Pursuit is a bipper

and the Worst Thing about it

it was a YANKEE BIPPING :(
ohhhhh, your a cold one Priceless

if only i had a fireplace
this would make great kindle

enjoy your moment

for one day

i shall have my revenge

Very well played, very well played indeed

Okay that was fun
On to the good stuff

The trade was originally for the Totally Cool Unique Longoria card
but along with my Bipping
Priceless included three extra cards and they are
AWE... wait for it ....SOME!!

My first encounter with Unique cards and I am very impressed
I definitely like the two tone better than the solid black,
maybe if they were team colors more people would like them
and maybe a few bucks cheaper wouldn't hurt either
I could never tell from the scans but when you angle the cards
the players last name is along the left side of the card
very unique - i now understand

The Longoria X is a great shot of his follow thru
07 BJ sporting the now vintage uniform

All great additions to my collection

1 comment:

Joe S. said...

Glad someone out there likes Unique! I don't HATE them, but they've underwhelming considering the price. Not recommended if you're sticking to a budget. Enjoy the Ledees.