Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mail = custom cello packs

Thanks to Nr Mt I got some new cards this week. A variety of players, set and team cards.

Adding to my player collection
a BJ Upton mini - I must admit I like the normal back better
than the Gypsy one already have
My favorite of the lot - an 04 Topps Gold Crawford
an opening day - i really like the blue foil - very nice
Great photo on the 07 Topps - Thanks

Ichiro Bowman i needed
DiceK Bowman refractor - oh how, i love the shiny
a two for with the 08 Heritge - set and PC all in one
nice action shot of DiceK with the WBC

Some 08 Heritage help and some random team cards

The Brignac and Iwamura are very welcome additions
some inserts Ray cards are always fun
the Marte and Dye chipped some off my set list
some Red Sox fun - one an action and the other a studio photo

Very nice cards, Thank very much.

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NicoLax24 said...

You're welcome bro. Glad you enjoyed the cards.