Friday, January 29, 2010

This Week in Cardboarding

Just another two packs of Topps 2010 from your friendly neighborhood Target.

Pack 1

Reggie Target mini Insert - Nice!
Red Sox Turkey and YOUK!
Niemann giving me my first Rays card of 2010

Pack 2

Some really great action photos in this pack
the composition with the Street card is perfect
Looks like Drew Stubbs is celebrating a Homer
Like the pitchers throwing at you angle with
Wainwright, Harden and Wakefield
BJ's bro sliding into third - a great unique shot
Cody Ross - When they were young

Another two fun packs. Topps, I am really digging the action shot for every card.

I know many have complained about not liking the size of the logos but I'm okay with that. Honestly that is just a subtle way for Topps to rub it in the other companies face that they have the rights to use the team logos and fonts. Its a nice little jab at the competition and I smile when I think of them deciding that in a meeting.

But, Thanks to Play at the Plate I realized that Topps wasn't uniform with the names of the teams on the bottom left of the cards. Play pointed out that the Rockies also have the word Colorado and wondered why this was. So I looked back through the cards and noticed some things. Besides some teams having the place name along with the team name, they vary in size. The word Colorado is the same size as the word Rockies, the word St Louis has a pretty large font also but not quite as large as the word Cardinals, and then Seattle, Detroit, Pittsburgh, San Diego and Washington have a much smaller font and the rest of the teams have no place name. Just wondering why Topps didn't keep it the same for all teams? Frankly I don't care much for the place names being included, I would rather just have the team name only, but to only have them for a few clubs is just wrong and then to have the place names all different sizes makes the whole logo thing a huge design mistake. Bad Topps!


MattR said...

Lots of horizontal cards. nice.:)

JD's Daddy said...

hey! those are +5! :)