Wednesday, January 20, 2010

This Week in Cardboarding Early Edition

Well from all the reports, I had to check out Target for my self. So running some errands, which always includes a Target run, I stopped by the card isle. Yes 2010 is upon us and I LoVe 2010. I couldn't wait, I had to rip and post. The budget maybe super shrunk right now and two packs is all I could do right now, but it was a very fun and exciting two packs and I was happy with what I got.

Pack 1

Turkey insert always nice
Target exclusive insert Rogers Hornsby

Pack 2

The McCutchen got me super excited when I first opened the pack
but I quickly realized I had Daniel and not Andrew
an Ichiro, YES! :) i got a card for my player collection
The cards your Mom thew out Chipper Jones
Tales of the Game- Reggie A's style - sweeeet!!
a Gold Posada - they changed the standard numbers on the back

I also included a scan of the various backs
The Ortiz/Youk is a checklist
the team cards are really cool giving an over view of the season

I really enjoy the photography overall and like the design way more than I thought I would. Anything but the Ichiro, Reggie and Hornsby are available for trade. Thanks for checking out TWIC.


Anonymous said...

you know where i'll be tomorrow.... TARGET!!


Very nice!! Target in Sandusky,Oh. didn't have them yet tonight.

MattR said...

The closest Target is 120 miles away and we're getting several snowstorms this week. Looks like I'll have to wait a bit. :(

JD's Daddy said...

So Target retail is live...any word on Hobby?

Update: password is stronut.....mmmmm, stronuts!@