Friday, January 1, 2010

Blinded by Project 62

Project '62 posted a 09 Topps Update Gold Crawford and naturally I inquired about a trade for some Rynos. He said he was putting together a package and would send it out and we would do a blind trade. I thought cool, can't wait. Well yesterday it showed up and it blew me away.

First he gave me some amazing set help, 11 cards for my 09 Topps Chrome. Taking me from less than twenty to less than 10. Thank you so very very much. It was very unexpected surprise.

Some Red Sox love with Lowell, Ortiz, Pedroia, and Beckett
Great collection of players with Wright, Upton, McCann, and Billingsly
and two promising rookies with Bailey and Snider

He then added two cards for my 08 Heritage set - one a Ray and one a good pitcher with the potential to become a great pitcher over his career. I'm definitely a fan of both Edwin and Verlander. Thanks again.

Then he added some incredible cards for player collections

First up, Lonogoria - a chrome refractor - WOW! shiny :)
and then my first 09 T-206 card of the year and boy what a start
a bronze card - Super WOW 8)
the back of the card talks about golf - strange
but I love it and hadn't seen it before

Then the card that prompted this encounter
09 Crawford Gold highlight - so pretty
he even added a CC Turkey i needed - great card
an 03 Ichiro 205 card - sweet
a Ryan insert - very sweet photo

then he sent me some Rynos
the Masterpiece is awesome
and two other needed Rynos

such an amazing Package

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