Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mets for Player Collection

Mets enthusiast Rob M. contacted me asking if i had some Mets i could send him for a few Ichiro cards. Well for some odd reason i kept forgetting to email him, not once but twice, but he was patient with me (much appreciated) and he even added a bunch of cards i could use for my other player collections.

First up, BJ - a great vintage look with 07 Bowman Heritage
my first card from this set and me like
the black outline with the airbrush effect uni

Rob then followed up with 5 Crawford cards
an 03 SP Authentic - very nice card
and my second 07 Bowman Heritage
the 07 AS mentions that CC
was the first Ray to hit HR in the AS game
then the base Topps in 09 and 10
Thank you very much, all are cherished

and he bumped up the Ichiro cards from two to ten

Starting off with a 2001 Nestle card - oddball cards are always fun
the shiny 02 Donruss Elite is also great
the design of the 03 SP Authentic is very clean
i like the font on the Artifacts card
Ichiro accepting his AS MVP Award in full suit
two 2010 inserts,
showed the back of the card that my mom has never seen
and the Commemorative Patch
finally i got one that i want

Thanks for the Greeeeeat additions!!
Your package is going out Saturday


TheBrooklynMet said...

I like the patch, but don't you find it weird that it is associated with a random player like Ichiro? Why not just throw Jackie Robinson on the card to go along with the manufactured patch commemorating the day.

chris OK said...

I honestly didn't think about it, but excellent point. I just figured it was a patch that Ichiro wore once, but your right as I imagine every player wore one on that day.

rmansfield said...

Glad you like the cards. Looking forward to what you send in return. Thanks again.