Friday, March 19, 2010

This Week in Cardboarding

Welcome to This Week in Cardboarding! This week i ebayed another Rays team set and three extras - the Mascot insert, Longoria Blue and Longoria Bazooka insert. Upton and Longoria weren't in 2010 Topps series one, so i was really excited to see them before series two came out :) I had a slight problem with damage to some of the cards, the bottom left corner of every card in the team set was dinged. I imagine because they weren't protected by cardboard. My Heritage set was sent protected. Not sure if anyone has dealt with TNT Sportscards, but they did replace the team set. The interesting thing about it, is i sent an email when i first got the cards and then i wait three days which i felt was an adequate amount of time and sent another requesting some service. They actually snapped at me like i knew they were sending me a replacement set.
we replaced the team set. We have been rather busy. Would you rather have had me send you repeated emails and not replace the item? Please send back the damaged goods.
I honestly didn't know how to respond to that, so i didn't, but i kind of wanted to tell them they wouldn't get multiple emails if they responded to the first email and probably wouldn't get any if they protected the cards they send out. Neither time did they put cardboard with the cards for protection. Needless to say i won't be shopping them anymore. The Longoria Blue upper left corner is white, it was shipped in thick top loader with the other two inserts without penny savers, so they were sliding around quite a bit when i got them. Its not worth the hassle of dealing with them anymore so i will just move on and enjoy my pretty blue Rays card and the rest of the Opening Day goodies i got.

I really like the Longoria photo, the ball about to hit the bat
the Upton is nice too
but what i really like is that almost all the cards have the same uni
that makes for a really nice overall look

Thanks for checking out TWIC.

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