Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I have reached a 100 different Evan Longoria cards. THANK YOU! to all you wonderful bloggers who helped me get here. Roll out the Barrel posted a blaster break of 2010 Topps Heritage and a Longoria SP he pulled. I sent an email and a deal was struck. Over the weekend I counted my Longoria cards because I knew I was getting close to the milestone, so when it came up 99, i was like sweet i didn't miss the 100th card to my collection (i even doubled checked to make sure). So yesterday when a package arrived from Barrel, i was psyched. I knew that my 100th Longoria card was inside, but the package was a little bigger than expected. I was amazed when i opened it because there was a plethora of player collection cards, tailored made to me. He definitely went above and beyond and i will be putting together another package to even things out. Thank you, that was very nice and i really appreciate it. On to the goodies:

The New PC
My 100th & 101st Evan Longoria Cards

three BJ cards
three Cl Cf cards
GReeeeat!! additions

The Dups

You may notice the 07 Ultra CC in both the new and old
(he sent me two :)

Random Rays
My first Delmon Young Rookie cards

All Time Favs
two Reggie cards
the A's one talks about 1969 but features a photo from 1987
Silly Topps
Reggie set his career high in runs in 1969 with 123

six Ryno cards
favs - 2002 Topps Gallery and Fleer Greats
PROBLEM - they both have different career stats on the back

Topps 270 HR and Fleer 282 HR
(all numbers are different)
Winner Fleer
and and
Really Topps
that's kind of sad

fourteen Kirby cards (all shown are new)
fav - UD CC Checklist - Stylin Art Card
WOW! a checklist, now that's a checklist

second fav of Puck - 96 UD
Kirby playing infield
Great action shot, too

three Rickey cards
four Carlton cards (all new)
fav - Goodwin, amazing color
and shot of him about to pitch
great classic feel to it

four Bench cards
fav - Legends of the Game
Great photo

Thanks so much, and like i said earlier, i will be sending you another package

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Anonymous said...

Hey Chris, glad you liked them! I think it best to share the wealth when someone else may enjoy them more than you..