Wednesday, March 17, 2010

sruchris strikes again

sruchris made a comment on a recent TWIC, that he needed some help with the 09 UD Update. Once on his site, i got into a zone of looking through his need list for UD sets, and offered up a bunch of 07 help along with some 06 and 09 and even included a few 2010 Topps cards. Here was my return, some great additions to my player collections:

Longo looking so mad, the orange doesn't help
a beautiful BJ chrome refractor
a great looking Flair card

Beckham time, uuuuu-gly trophy, but nice photo
had the mini now have the regular
Awesome cards
Thank You, Thank You!!

Cl Cf additions
the 2000 Bowman chrome is a very nice shiny
great swinging shot of CC with topps total

Great dive on the Turkey
i love how they kept the hat with shades in frame on the mini
another Documentary that doesn't mention
the player in the photo - baffling
the A&G has great contrast with the red
and the 2010 topps is an amazing action shot

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