Friday, March 5, 2010

This Week in Cardboarding

Three packs of 2010 Heritage.... sort of. Actually, seeing many bloggers buying packs at four dollars, made me think, maybe i should take a different path with heritage this year. For the price of three packs twelve dollars, here is what i scored:

one base team set and a chrome refractor Longo

Although I don't usually chase team sets, it was nice knocking off so many player collections from a purchase that was the equivalent of a hobby pack. The only bad thing was that shipping for the two buy it now auctions was essentially the price of a pack or what i will call the invisible third pack. So pack one was the nonSp Team Set and pack two becomes the Longoria Refractor 066/561. For the Rays I am still missing the SPs, which are Price 426, Garza 435, Longoria 439, Madden 461, Garza (ALCS MVP) 485 and for my player collections I would still like the Gordon Beckham and maybe all the cards that feature that giant trophy. I am really diggin the trophies in Heritage - I hate the base Topps trophies this year, they are Uuuuuuu-gly. I will be passing on Ichiro this year in Heritage at least the base because I already have the photo from the card like ten times. Seriously Topps take/find a new picture of Ichiro . I don't care if it is a technically a different stadium, the same shot/pose in five straight years (probably more, my collection isn't all that extensive) of cards is cheap, pathetic, insulting and uncreative. Way to show you have no integrity Topps.

Hey MLB, this is something collectors would be happy about. Next time you make a monopoly, try and set some guidelines that would actually make collectors happy. Since you seem all proud that you know what makes them happy, by the way you obviously don't. For this collector, having ten cards with the same photo makes me not so happy, actual it's very irritating. Having ten cards with ten different photos makes me happy. That said the Sporting News Ichiro is very cool and i hope to acquire it sometime. Rant over.

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Field of Cards said...

Oh that Longoria Chrome rocks. Heritage Chrome is always so cool.

Seems like there are so many Rays collectors these days.

Interesting about Ichiro. I once made a post on my blog about a Joe Morgan picture that has been recycled at least like 15 times. It really starts to freak me out. It definitely becomes insulting.