Sunday, March 14, 2010


I scored an Autograph Redemption of Emmanuel Burris from a blaster of Stadium back in late October. Then in February i got an email saying they were behind and if i wanted a replacement i should call. So i called only to be told they finally got it and it would ship out in three weeks. Well yesterday i finally received it and for the life of me, can't understand a single part of the autograph.

the E, i guess its an E, since it is the first letter,
looks like an S or an incomplete 8
then i can see a lower case L or is a giant lower case e
then he drew a star, well almost a star
then he started a B but made another eight followed by a z
the back of the card says
he was former NCAA swipes leader (42) for Kent State
he went to college and still can't even write his name

I have had high hopes for Emmanuel in fantasy, especially last year, only to be completely wrong. What was i expecting from someone who can't even write his own name.

Mr. Burriss, Topps this weak, really really weak.

So i decided to do some research since i am slamming Topps - yep Topps deserves it - never is there a Z at the end - a phone call will be made this Monday to see what happens. I seriously question the authenticity of this redemption because of all the variation compared to the other autos i researched. The player is lazy but why blame Topps? Simple, doesn't Topps pay the players. Shouldn't they be setting some kind of standard? I believe Topps should have some integrity and pride in the product they are putting out and since they are paying the player they have the power to decide if the player is doing the job and earning the money.

Why i am i so upset, because it is suppose to be an autograph not a mark. I, as the consumer, want an autograph not a mark. Since when is writing 5 random letters a signature, where is the pride in your autograph. Hate to be the bearer of bad news but this is a mark not an autograph. Players have become laaaazy and disgrace themselves with such antics. I usually avoid autographs because of what i expect the price to be, but players using marks instead of actually autographing is definitely another reason. That is why i don't have a Carl Crawford auto yet because Cl Cf is not an auto in my mind.



Why do collectors put up with this? This really amazes me.

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Field of Cards said...

I agree. So many players sign so many things these days that they have completely lost sight of the purpose of someone obtaining an auto. They act like it's a credit card bill they are signing, never to be seen again.

Nothing beats a clean auto. I have purchased cards of marginal players based solely on how cool and clean their auto looks.

Justin Duchscherer of the A's has a clean and classy looking signature. One of my fav. modern autos.

It's funny how much superior most autos of players pre-1990 are. They take/took pride in their auto.

The worst auto I have ever seen is Geronimo Gil (former Orioles' catcher). It is a half circle a STRAIGHT line, and another half circle.

There's a pic of it on an old post on my blog. I actually bought it in my quest to get every Orioles' auto possible. What a joke: