Friday, March 26, 2010

This Week in Cardboarding

Welcome to This Week in Cardboarding, this week i went with a blaster from Target minus the Commemorative Patch card since i already sent it off to Roll Out the Barrel and forgot to scan it. I really wish the Target version of 2010 Topps were the standard Topps card. The cardboard just feels like a baseball card should, and i love the classic logo with the giant hook. I really wish that the whole blaster was full of these instead of just two packs. Oh well, on to the break:

Pack 1

got a Johnny Bench, but i got the original so ...
Pack 2

Eleven target style cards in two packs, not bad but since they are pretty much an insert set themselves, why not have all 16 cards be the Target style cards?

Pack 3

Topps, please, enough with this pose for Ichiro cards
my first Pablo card - Kung Fu Panda - great nickname
Pack 4

Turkey card, nothing else exciting

Pack 5

Crawford-Rickey insert
and a Reggie :)
best pack of the blaster
Pack 6

Ichiro about to be attack, but in a good way
my second redemption :)
Butler looking the ball in the glove, fundamentals baby
Pack 7

Palmer original back and Pujols Gold
Great and unique photo on the Twins team card
Ruiz nice action shot
Pack 8

Turkey Lincecum, looks like Topps took two steps to the left, back when they took the photo for the 2009 Turkey and said that will be next years Turkey - so pathetic

Pack 9

Thomas-Fielder insert, REALLY Topps
an insert double in a blaster :(
Rangers team card showing off the fun of playing
Yunel getting some air - nice photo
Pack 10

McCutchen :) with the Uuuuu-gly trophy :(
why Topps, why such a horrible change????

I don't know why but i slammed Topps quite a bit this week, i still enjoyed opening the blaster. Though looking back and writing up the post, the negativity just flowed out, but i guess when your the only company you deserve all the criticism. I guess they should step up their game or the hobby will die or maybe and hopefully, MLB decides against a baseball card monopoly. I still really like the base cards but the little things are adding up and the reprints (cards your mom threw away) just bug me, i would rather have another base card. As always, thanks for checking out This Week in Cardboarding.

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