Saturday, January 30, 2010

sssh.. trades i am late on posting

This will be short and sweet, but I want to post all my trades. Mainly I enjoy giving acknowledgement to other bloggers and since I still enjoy seeing my blog mentioned on their end, why not mention their blogs on mine. Besides it is always nice looking back through them all, like a scrapbook or something. I have been a little busy this week, computer problems and two interviews, fingers crossed.

First Up

A Fan in Wisconsin had two cards on his trade list I needed for my player collections, so I contacted him and a deal was done.

I really like Sweet Spot cards and this Longoria is no different
my first 09 SweetSpot - Sweeeeet!!!
Nice action shot of Bj sliding

The fun of doing this late, is i get to link what i sent - check it out

Thanks so much they are great additions to my collections

Next Up

It's like having my own Card Shop had a Beckham posted so I offered up a bunch of cards for it

Bowman Chrome - SHINY :) me like

and once again here is a link of what i sent - Check it out

Thanks you very much

Friday, January 29, 2010

This Week in Cardboarding

Just another two packs of Topps 2010 from your friendly neighborhood Target.

Pack 1

Reggie Target mini Insert - Nice!
Red Sox Turkey and YOUK!
Niemann giving me my first Rays card of 2010

Pack 2

Some really great action photos in this pack
the composition with the Street card is perfect
Looks like Drew Stubbs is celebrating a Homer
Like the pitchers throwing at you angle with
Wainwright, Harden and Wakefield
BJ's bro sliding into third - a great unique shot
Cody Ross - When they were young

Another two fun packs. Topps, I am really digging the action shot for every card.

I know many have complained about not liking the size of the logos but I'm okay with that. Honestly that is just a subtle way for Topps to rub it in the other companies face that they have the rights to use the team logos and fonts. Its a nice little jab at the competition and I smile when I think of them deciding that in a meeting.

But, Thanks to Play at the Plate I realized that Topps wasn't uniform with the names of the teams on the bottom left of the cards. Play pointed out that the Rockies also have the word Colorado and wondered why this was. So I looked back through the cards and noticed some things. Besides some teams having the place name along with the team name, they vary in size. The word Colorado is the same size as the word Rockies, the word St Louis has a pretty large font also but not quite as large as the word Cardinals, and then Seattle, Detroit, Pittsburgh, San Diego and Washington have a much smaller font and the rest of the teams have no place name. Just wondering why Topps didn't keep it the same for all teams? Frankly I don't care much for the place names being included, I would rather just have the team name only, but to only have them for a few clubs is just wrong and then to have the place names all different sizes makes the whole logo thing a huge design mistake. Bad Topps!

Friday, January 22, 2010


I never thought it would happen

especially when it was a first trade

but let this be a warning

no one is safe

The Priceless Pursuit is a bipper

and the Worst Thing about it

it was a YANKEE BIPPING :(
ohhhhh, your a cold one Priceless

if only i had a fireplace
this would make great kindle

enjoy your moment

for one day

i shall have my revenge

Very well played, very well played indeed

Okay that was fun
On to the good stuff

The trade was originally for the Totally Cool Unique Longoria card
but along with my Bipping
Priceless included three extra cards and they are
AWE... wait for it ....SOME!!

My first encounter with Unique cards and I am very impressed
I definitely like the two tone better than the solid black,
maybe if they were team colors more people would like them
and maybe a few bucks cheaper wouldn't hurt either
I could never tell from the scans but when you angle the cards
the players last name is along the left side of the card
very unique - i now understand

The Longoria X is a great shot of his follow thru
07 BJ sporting the now vintage uniform

All great additions to my collection

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

This Week in Cardboarding Early Edition

Well from all the reports, I had to check out Target for my self. So running some errands, which always includes a Target run, I stopped by the card isle. Yes 2010 is upon us and I LoVe 2010. I couldn't wait, I had to rip and post. The budget maybe super shrunk right now and two packs is all I could do right now, but it was a very fun and exciting two packs and I was happy with what I got.

Pack 1

Turkey insert always nice
Target exclusive insert Rogers Hornsby

Pack 2

The McCutchen got me super excited when I first opened the pack
but I quickly realized I had Daniel and not Andrew
an Ichiro, YES! :) i got a card for my player collection
The cards your Mom thew out Chipper Jones
Tales of the Game- Reggie A's style - sweeeet!!
a Gold Posada - they changed the standard numbers on the back

I also included a scan of the various backs
The Ortiz/Youk is a checklist
the team cards are really cool giving an over view of the season

I really enjoy the photography overall and like the design way more than I thought I would. Anything but the Ichiro, Reggie and Hornsby are available for trade. Thanks for checking out TWIC.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The year is 2050

The year is 2050 and Johnny is on his way to school. Johnny is an All-American High School baseball player in his senior year. He is lucky enough to have shown some inkling of talent during his little league days and that his family can afford to make his dream of being a ball player come true. He has been put on regime of finely tuned PEDs since the age of twelve. Weight training started at fifteen. All things are legal and safe and have been tested for the past few decades. There are a variety of programs all approved by players unions and Major League Baseball. This is how we get our athletes now. The parents either need to be financially stable or raise enough money to support this endeavor. Either by finding a bank that trusts in the kid's ability and luck, a private investor, or chance their own lively-hoods and mortgage everything to provide for the outrageous costs. But that is just the way it is, it's known and accepted, heck it's even promoted by many corporate companies. After all, we are talking about making a professional athlete. Players making the standard salary will make tens of millions of dollars and can easily pay everything back, if they make it. And if they are actually truly gifted and become a superstar then they are making billions a year and the investors not only make incredible profits but also get to go to the biggest events for years. This is big business and it starts early.

Big League records are being set at a feverish pace, one hardly standing for more than a few years. When the first 100 homer season happened in 2032 people were amazed, but as medicine and science continue to perfect their methods the hundred homer season didn't stand very long and was constantly broken. Fans continue to pack the stadiums to see the next king of the homer. The 180 homer season came in 2043 and people were thrilled and excited. Fights in the stands were common for the next million-dollar souvenir. It's amazing that it has stood for seven years, a record in itself lately. Now, the latest prospect that every one thinks has the potential for a 200 homer season has been called up. He has been going insane through high school, and flying through the minors bashing balls like crazy, all while showing his five tools he can run and gun on a whole new level and hasn't batted below .450 in his life. He made the team this spring training and expectations are high.

One year later and Johnny is now in his rookie season. He has his morning glass of juice made from the chemistry set of Tropicana Pro, which costs a thousand dollars a glass. That juice is just the start of many things that give this young man the ability to unleash his ultimate talent. He eats his genetically engineered banana and heads out for his first major league game. Athletes still work hard but it is more about what their bodies can digest and grow with that makes a superstar rise above the everyday players. All players are on some program and there are no natural players. Some parents have even chosen the best parts of their DNA to create a child, but more times than not they prefer the lure of academic fields, than the thrill of athletics. Will Johnny set the record? Only time will tell, but chances are very favorable for the young lad.

This is just an idea I had to illustrate a point. Given a bit over the top, but it is a story to get a reaction, a discussion, and hopefully get some ideas to the people in charge. Maybe it will help get them motivated to make a decision. I am always flooded by questions when I think of this situation. Which seems to come up more and more often. If PEDs were safe and tested, would there be an outcry like there is today or would it be accepted? My guess is the latter. If it was not harmful, I am sure it would be as accepted as the vitamin, Gatorade and Ritalin. Is it about players cheating? Or is it that they are using something that the Aaron's and Ruth's didn't? I believe this is a big part of it. That said, if the steroid era is just the beginning, then what is to come in the future?

This is what the MLB and other sports better figure out and soon. Do they want all athletes to be on a level playing field from Ruth to Pujols to the future Johnny? Is nobody supposed to enjoy the benefits that come from modern science and medicine? Honestly, it is already too late since most athletes now have some form of surgery that was not present for players of the twenties- allowing them to continue to play longer than in the past. Why is cutting edge surgery not looked at in the same light as taking PEDs? If everyone were open and public with what they took, would it help create a balance? Hope to hear others thoughts and opinions. I would really like MLB to actually make a statement on the future of the sport, instead of pretending it doesn't exist and then just be reactive.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

This Week in Cardboarding

Welcome to This Week in Cardboarding. This week is another blaster of 09 Topps Heritage High. Lots happening in the baseball world, not much happening in mine. On to the ripping:

Pack 1

Pujols and Cecil RC for the Updates
Borbon Chrome

Pack 2

Helton insert
tidbit from the back
Todd joins Jeter & Chipper as active players whose first 2000 hits
come with the same team

Pack 3

Fernando Martinez SP

Pack 4

Hill Chrome

Pack 5

Brett Anderson insert
in mock drafts he has a little buzz for a break out
Borbon Update - nice photo of his swing

Pack 6

Jason Bay SP - very sad he is no longer a Sox
Andruw Jones Refractor Chrome
Randy Johnson highlight 300th Win
i got the Heritage version last week

Pack 7

Bud Norris Chrome - anyone else have the Cosby Show
in their head when Rudi says Buuudd? or is it just me?

Pack 8

Hill SP

Another fun blaster and once again I got more chrome than SPs - which I am okay with, since I like the shiny. This was the last of my Xmas presents, hope you have enjoyed my budget breaks. Has always, thanks for checking out This Week in Cardboarding.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mail = custom cello packs

Thanks to Nr Mt I got some new cards this week. A variety of players, set and team cards.

Adding to my player collection
a BJ Upton mini - I must admit I like the normal back better
than the Gypsy one already have
My favorite of the lot - an 04 Topps Gold Crawford
an opening day - i really like the blue foil - very nice
Great photo on the 07 Topps - Thanks

Ichiro Bowman i needed
DiceK Bowman refractor - oh how, i love the shiny
a two for with the 08 Heritge - set and PC all in one
nice action shot of DiceK with the WBC

Some 08 Heritage help and some random team cards

The Brignac and Iwamura are very welcome additions
some inserts Ray cards are always fun
the Marte and Dye chipped some off my set list
some Red Sox fun - one an action and the other a studio photo

Very nice cards, Thank very much.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

This Week in Cardboarding

Welcome to This Week in Cardboarding. Still stretching my way through Xmas presents to keep TWIC alive. This one was a blaster of 09 Topps Heritage High and it came with an extra pack so instead of the normal eight packs, I got nine. I feel lucky already and a little sorry if someone got shorted a pack in another blaster. Oh well, on to the ripping:


Ray chrome :)

Pack 2

Street SP

Pack 3

Ichiro and Wolf Chrome

Pack 4

A McCutchen - the first I actually pulled - Me Happy :)
Blake Hawksworth Heritage and Topps Update in one pack
pretty neat
i wonder if anyone has gotten Beckham or McCutchen this way
if so - i'm super jealous

Pack 5

Coghlan SP
Ibanez great photo

Pack 6

Zimmerman Insert

Pack 7

Randy Johnson Insert

Pack 8

Trevor Black Chrome 35/60
Pack 9

Mazzaro Chrome

Well a very fun blaster from the start with the realization of an extra pack. Four Chrome and three SPs and two inserts made for a very enjoyable rip. Has always, thanks for checking out This Week in Cardboarding.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Trading Pictures of Men

Pictures Of Men saw my player collection page of Gordon Beckham and asked if I was interested in working out a trade for four cards I didn't have. HELL YEAH!! i was. A deal was struck and here they are:

The Update is just the normal base
but the dang thing has been avoiding me
happy to have it
my 2nd and 3rd Topps 206 cards
great cards

I like the shiny and it is numbered - awesome card

He even included some extra cards

Crawford highlight and
06 Hertiage Ichiro

Great photo with the O-Pee-Chee and the black border
say magnifique

Great additions to my player collections, Thank very much.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sewingmachine Mail Fun :)

Sewingmachineguy on Cards posted some cards he got from a blaster of Ticket to Stardom. One happen to be the BJ Upton with perforated edges. I inquired about a trade and he also mentioned some other cards he had that I would be interested in. Off went a bunch of Tigers cards and this is what I got:

The Upton looking like a ticket
My first relic Upton - Very Nice

Hard to tell but the Ichiro Ticket is blue numbered 30/99 - Sweeet!!
The Baseball Heroes was a very happy surprise

Great additions to my player collections, Thank very much.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

This Week in Cardboarding

Welcome to This Week in Cardboarding. Another Xmas present was a blaster of 09 Topps Update, and since it states that there are two exclusive packs of black border cards, I know this came from Walmart, on to the ripping:

Pack 1

Does anyone collect these WalMart versions?
I'd be happy to help, just let me know

Pack 2

Hawpe Turkey TR142

Pack 3

Christy Mathewson LGU3
Ellsbury highlight steals home - i remember watching that game on tv
that was definitely an exciting highlight

Pack 4

Braun Propaganda - love these cards :)

Pack 5

sorry for the blurriness
classic shot of Vizquel
Sheff turkey TR117

Pack 6

it feels like i get a Reimold in every blaster
not a bad thing but
how about some Beckham or McCuthen love Topps

Pack 7

I like the photos of all these cards
Kinsler Highlight 6-6 including cycle - nice game

Pack 8

sorry for the blurry image

Pack 9

Ben Zobrist - me happy - at least one player card I needed
Parra Highlight - 100th player to homer in first AB

Pack 10

Mariano toppstown gold


Any Dodger fans want this?

If anyone needs any inserts I pulled, let me know and I'll get them out to you. Thanks again for checking out This Week in Cardboarding.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Blinded by Project 62

Project '62 posted a 09 Topps Update Gold Crawford and naturally I inquired about a trade for some Rynos. He said he was putting together a package and would send it out and we would do a blind trade. I thought cool, can't wait. Well yesterday it showed up and it blew me away.

First he gave me some amazing set help, 11 cards for my 09 Topps Chrome. Taking me from less than twenty to less than 10. Thank you so very very much. It was very unexpected surprise.

Some Red Sox love with Lowell, Ortiz, Pedroia, and Beckett
Great collection of players with Wright, Upton, McCann, and Billingsly
and two promising rookies with Bailey and Snider

He then added two cards for my 08 Heritage set - one a Ray and one a good pitcher with the potential to become a great pitcher over his career. I'm definitely a fan of both Edwin and Verlander. Thanks again.

Then he added some incredible cards for player collections

First up, Lonogoria - a chrome refractor - WOW! shiny :)
and then my first 09 T-206 card of the year and boy what a start
a bronze card - Super WOW 8)
the back of the card talks about golf - strange
but I love it and hadn't seen it before

Then the card that prompted this encounter
09 Crawford Gold highlight - so pretty
he even added a CC Turkey i needed - great card
an 03 Ichiro 205 card - sweet
a Ryan insert - very sweet photo

then he sent me some Rynos
the Masterpiece is awesome
and two other needed Rynos

such an amazing Package